Leather Craft

KPMG collaborates with Personalised Love (PLove), a social enterprise specializing in leather artisanal and corporate gifts handcrafted by special needs artisans. Currently, PLove employs 12 special needs artisans with various disabilities; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mild Intellectual Disability and Cerebral Palsy.

KPMG supports PLove’s training and work integration model that caters to special needs youths. Every purchase of their products enables PLove to train and equip more special needs artists with craft skills.

In 2018, we are proud to launch, together with PLove, the KPMG Capsule Collection. The collection features unique products that are meaningful and yet pleasing to the eye:

Gift options:

  • S$10 - S$15 each

Basic card case

Photo Gallery Thumbnail


Key fob

  • S$20 - S$25 each

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Signature card case

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Signature lanyard

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Luggage Tag

  • S$25 - S$50 each

Passport Holder

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Valet tray

Tech roller

  • S$50 - S$100 each

Journal sleeve

Tech envelope

  • Above S$100 each

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Signature gift set

Laptop bag

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Marbled leather art


  • Minimum order required
  • Customization / personalization of product available (eg. placement of company logo & embossment of initials etc)

About the Capsule Collection:

  • The leather puzzle is an abstraction which denotes the coming together of communities, each "puzzle piece" is like a staff member, finding their own place to fit in perfectly and create social impact for the disadvantaged in our society.
  • The puzzle pieces are upcycled from samples and discards from the industries to help reduce the carbon footprint of the gift collection.