About KPMG Cares

At KPMG, we are committed to our communities. We apply our skills, expertise, passion and resources to enable change and to find sustainable solutions together with the community and our stakeholders.

Through KPMG Cares, we continue to twin philanthropy with our work in the community to empower marginalized individuals and communities.


Inspiring confidence. Empowering change. Realizing dreams.

A company like ours has the power and responsibility to help look after persons with disabilities. By re-designing our business processes with the community in mind, we harness corporate gifting needs to create social impact at no additional cost to the business.


KPMG Cares Inclusive Employment Program

KPMG Cares works with individuals from the deaf community and special needs groups to develop their talents and skills with the long-term aim of equipping them to independently create high-quality corporate gifts. We support these individuals by sponsoring their participation in hands-on classes with various artists who practice different art forms, such as glass art, leather crafting and silk screen printing. Once they learn about working with these media, we then commission their creations as limited edition gifts for clients and employees. We also encourage other corporates to join us on this journey to make a difference.