About KPMG Cares


At KPMG, we are committed to our communities. We apply our skills, expertise, passion and resources to enable change and find sustainable solutions together with the community and our stakeholders. Through KPMG Cares, we continue to twin philanthropy with our work in the community to empower marginalized individuals and communities.

Realizing dreams. The artists behind the beautiful works.

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Mimi Ng Yit Ming

Mimi is a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore) and a beneficiary of KPMG Cares. She lost her hearing at birth, but that has never limited the boldness of her dreams. Currently, she inspires her deaf and hearing friends in many different ways. Mimi teaches art once a week at the Mountbatten Vocational School, which awards ITE Skills Certificates to persons with disabilities, and sells her handicraft work at fairs. A pioneer with the KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative since 2015, the additional skills she learns and the income that she makes, allows her to focus on her art practice and save up for her dream of opening a studio for deaf artists. In support of her dedication to lifelong skills improvement and her pursuit of a professional art practice, she was given a SkillsFuture 2017 Study Award to pursue further learning in the art forms of glass making and ceramics.

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Caroline Mary Pereira

Caroline is a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore) and a beneficiary of KPMG Cares. Diagnosed deaf at the age of 4, disability does not defeat Caroline’s determination in life. She takes on multiple jobs to support her family and is also an expert sewer. With the KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative, it helps to supplement her income for her daughter’s education and secure their future. Caroline dreams of being a fashion designer one day, and it is our hope that through the practice of the art of glass making, her designer instincts will be honed for future opportunities in fashion design.

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Hairiani bte Ali

Ani is a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore) and a beneficiary of KPMG Cares. Born deaf, a lively Ani never lets deafness hamper her ambition to be an active volunteer amongst the hearing community. Currently, she takes on a few part-time jobs to support herself and family, and loves to exercise in her free time. With the KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative, it allows her to further contribute financially to meet her family’s basic needs.

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Low Kok Wah

Kok Wah is a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore) and a beneficiary of KPMG Cares. Despite being deaf since the age of 5 after a high fever, optimism is a constant for Kok Wah. He juggles part time jobs, video editing projects and loves to read in his spare time. The KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative helps to supplement his daily needs and paves the way for him to realise his filmmaking ambitions one day.

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Charmaine’s cheerfulness and positivity brightens up production days at the glass studio or printing workshop. She is always encouraging her teammates, and being deaf does not stop her from being the cheerleader of the group. When she is not at the KPMG Cares Inclusive Employment Initiative, she also works as a service crew in a family restaurant.

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Jacky is recovering from a mental illness. What encourages him most, is that he is accepted as who he is at the KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative; he can disclose his illness without being rejected; express his inner thoughts, find peace and work together with others as a team. He is thankful for a chance to contribute to society, and the opportunity to be more confident and independent through this initiative. Jacky has just graduated from the initiative, and has found full time employment!

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Jessie is enjoying the KPMG Cares inclusive employment initiative, and as she has not worked before, welcomes the new opportunity. She made a group of friends through the training, whom she enjoys spending time with. The pay from this initiative will help her to finance her aspiration of being an artist in the future. Her parents are also happy seeing her occupied with a job that she feels is useful and meaningful.



Creating inclusive employment opportunities

We believe that companies like ours have the power to look after the financial needs of persons with disabilities. By re-designing our business processes with the community in mind, we harness corporate gifting needs to create social impact at no additional cost to the business. Participants of KPMG Cares come from the deaf community, or are persons recovering from mental illnesses.

Inspiring confidence. Empowering change. Realizing dreams.

KPMG Cares works with individuals to develop their talents and learn new skills with the long-term aim of equipping them with the capacity to independently create high-quality, sought-after works. We support these individuals by sponsoring their participation in hands-on classes with various artists who practice different art forms, such as glass art and silk screen printing. Once they learn about working with these mediums, we then commission their creations as limited edition gifts for clients and employees. We also work directly with external partners or clients who would like to purchase these works.

How we started

In 2015, KPMG Cares kicked off an inclusive employment initiative by sponsoring three individuals from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore), to participate in a series of intensive classes to master the intricacies of glass art.

They learned specialized techniques of glass-cutting, fusing, designing, assembling of glass sheets, and other advanced techniques to create special effects on glass surfaces. With KPMG’s sponsorship and the support of KPMG staff and alumni, these individuals are now equipped to create beautiful yet functional works of glass art that would make elegant corporate gifts. Currently, all our glass art works are produced in Goodman Glass Studio, with the support of artistic director and trainer Hazel Wong.

Developing new skills

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In 2016, the cohort was expanded to create opportunities for more individuals from three different voluntary welfare organizations, namely, the Singapore Association for Mental Health, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Federation (Singapore) and Touch Community Services.

We conducted illustration classes and launched a new, unique series of illustration-based gifts such as hand-drawn cards that can be custom-made for any event or occasion.

With newfound confidence built from illustration classes, we progressed to learning silk screen printing, and that allows us to print on paper and fabrics, and offer yet another exciting new range of special gifts.

We will continue to reach out to sponsor more participants so that they will also be given opportunities to learn new skills to create individually-designed art pieces. In the process, we hope they regain personal confidence and hope. Through the initiative, we invite the larger community to view the participants of the KPMG Cares program in light of their strengths, talents and capabilities.